Mastering & Mixing

Frequent Asked Questions

1. What exactly is ‘Mixing’ and what does the process involve?

Mixing is a blending of both art and science. When starting a mix we address each track for sonic integrity. We reference them with the entire mix to blend each sound together and create the desired balance. Keeping a mix clear and defined while retaining excellent dynamics can be challenging. This is accomplished by using proper equalization, gating/expansion, compression, automation, fades, and effects. In some cases vocal and instrument augmentation with specialized processors can enhance the mix and bring it to a professional level. Additionally, after combining each track to create the full performance, mix bus equalization, compression, and stereo imaging, takes a mix to the final stage before music mastering services can begin.

2. What exactly is ‘Mastering’ and what does the process involve?

Mastering audio is one of the most important and most overlooked steps in audio engineering. It's the final stage before an album or single is released to the public. This is where each song is level-balanced, frequencies receive finishing touches, small imperfections are removed, and any other problems with the mix are ironed out. Mastering is what takes a recorded and mixed song to a professional level for CD and radio play. We work closely with each artist to make sure they get the sound they want. Engineers’ experience combined with excellent studio design and audio equipment allows us to offer detailed mastering at some of the best mastering studio rates around.

3. How does mycd Online Mixing & Mastering work?

mycd Online Mixing & Mastering is an efficient way of accessing mixing & mastering facilities from anywhere in the world via the internet. To get music mixed & mastered clients upload their tracks onto our secure server and complete the information required per track. These tracks are then mixed & mastered by experienced engineers and returned to the client.

4. Why should I use mycd Online Mixing & Mastering?

We offer affordable mastering & mixing rates and professional results to clients all over the world. You'll find few studios charging less for the same audio mastering & mixing services, but when comparing quality and cost, we are one of the most affordable studios around for High-End Audio Work. We feel our online mixing & mastering studio process and quality is the best available, but experience and creativity is also essential when working as an audio engineer. We have the experience, equipment, and acoustic environment to make your project stand out from the rest. We know you'll love the results, which is why our clients keep coming back.

5. Who will mix & master my songs?

Our team of mixing & mastering engineers is extremely experienced and skilled in making artistic decisions that are appropriate to the style of music they're working with. Any member of the team will mix and/or master your music to the highest of standards. In particular, our mastering engineers have many years of experience between them, have mastered hundreds of Number 1 records, and have combined record sales well in excess of 1 billion; they are highly qualified to make a final creative assessment of your music. These are only some of the musicians our engineers have worked with: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Killers, Madonna, Adele, Lana del Rey, David Bowie and many more!

6. What do I need to provide for mycd Online Mastering?

After you have registered on the site and completed the check-out process, please send us your tracks, notes, and any other relevant information that could help the engineer achieve the sound you are looking for. Sending your work to be mastered is an easy 3-step process.

  1. Remove any master-bus processing such as compressors, limiters, or stereo imagers. Keep the highest level of the song at -3dB or less.
  2. For best sound quality upload a 24 bit .wav or .aif or .aiff file. For the Professional Mastering & Mixing service we can accept lower resolution files such as 16bit or Mp3, but the quality of the master will be lower.
  3. Complete the following information for each project depending on what type it is:
    - Title
    - Artist / Genre
    - Reference Songs/Artists (If there is a similar song/artist/sound that you would compare themselves to)
    - Other Influences
    - Notes (Relevant information that could help the engineer achieve the sound you are looking for)
7. How long will mycd Online Mixing & Mastering take?

mycd Online Mastering Standard Turnaround time is about 5-10 days. It should take a maximum of 10 working days, beginning from the point of payment and approval of files. For the mixing service the Standard Turnaround time is 7-15 days.

8. What happens if I’m not entirely happy with the results of the Mixing & Mastering Service?

We sincerely hope that this won't be the case. However, in the unlikely event that there is a problem or you feel that the mastering is not as successful as it ought to be, we will naturally do everything we can to make amends. If you provide us with details of any aspects with which you're displeased, we will master the material again, ensuring that we make the corrections as specified: this will be done without any charge. Once this process is complete, however, any further requests for alterations will be charged at the normal mycd Online Mixing & Mastering rate.

9. How much does mycd Online Mastering cost?

mycd Online Mastering operates on a cost per track basis. These fixed costs enable you to manage your costs more effectively at the time of booking. Please press Start Now and follow the buying process. Every time you change the number of songs to be mastered you will be able to check how the price changes. Mastering rates start from 30€ for Professional Service and 115€ for Premium Service.

10. How much does mycd Online Mixing cost?

mycd Online Mixing operates on a cost per track basis. These fixed costs enable you to manage your costs more effectively at the time of booking. Please press Start Now and follow the buying process. Every time you change the number of songs to be mastered you will be able to check how the price changes. Mixing rates start from 100€ for Professional Service and from 440€ for Premium Service.

11. How do I know when the tracks have been mixed and/or mastered and are ready to download?

After mixing and/or mastering your tracks you will get email notification that the service has been successfully performed, and that your songs are ready to be downloaded from your mycd account, “the Backstage”, in particular from the Orders Section. Besides, every time you access to the Orders Section, you will be able to control all your pending orders and their status. Once every project is finished, its status will be updated automatically as well as the final delivery date, and you will be able to download the corresponding files attached.

12. What Is Album Sequencing?

Album sequencing involves putting a group of songs onto the final master CD, or master DDP File. During this process the engineer will add ISRC Information (if available), CD Text, as well as Album and Song Information. He will also set the spacing between songs and correct any final levels to make sure songs on an album flow together. This service has an extra charge of 40€.

13. What are the system requirements?

In order to ensure no problems when uploading your tracks for online mixing & mastering, and downloading the finished work, your system should meet the following minimum requirements (recommended):


  • Windows XP/2000
  • Internet Explorer v5.5 SP2 or v.6, Firefox 1.05 or Opera 8.02
  • Java-Plugin 1.4.2 or above enabled


  • Mac OS X (10.3 and above)
  • Safari or OmniWeb 5 (Both Internet Explorer 5 and Firefox are NOT supported)
  • Java-Plugin 1.4.2 or above enabled
  • You are able to place and pay for orders using computers that don’t meet the above specification but you won’t be able to upload your tracks to us.