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Online mastering gives you the chance to improve your recorded performance and take your music to the next level; ready for commercial release! A team of world class, award winning engineers will master your tracks. These are only some of the musicians our engineers have worked with: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Killers, Madonna, Adele, Lana del Rey, David Bowie and many more!

Excellent Acoustics & Equipment. Experienced Engineers. Free Mastering Samples. Exceptional Quality. Fast Turnaround & Competitive Rates.

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The buying process

Select the mixing & mastering type you prefer (Professional or Premium) and then tell us how urgently you need your music to be mixed & mastered (Normal Service, 24h Express Service, 48h Express Service).

Customize your Product

Besides, at the end of the buying process, before the check-out, we offer you Add-On Options & Promotional Material. Please, select the options you would like to add to your shopping cart (these options will allow you to complete your project and ensure that you have all you need).

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Take advantage of our instant online quote generator. Along the buying process, you will be able to check how pricing varies depending on the different options you select. Customize your project and choose the options that best suit your needs and your budget.

Log-in & Pay for your project

Once you’ve finished the check-out process, you must log-in before you pay and submit your project to us.

Upload Audio & Artwork

After paying for the project, you will have to upload your tracks (.wav) and notes (any other relevant information that could help the engineer to achieve the sound you are looking for). If you have any problem uploading the files, please let us know. In that case, we recommend you to send us the content electronically to by using the free services provided by, or If you choose to send the content electronically, please write down your contact details and send us the files in the compatible formats we requested you.


Do you need a Free Mastering Sample?

We want to give you the chance to check the service quality. For this reason, we'll master one of your songs and send back a 1-2 minute preview of the final master version at no cost. That way you can hear the professional sound. Once you’re satisfied with the results we will bring out in your music.

Do you need Album Sequencing?

Don’t worry; we can prepare it for you. Our album sequencing service includes Disc Sequencing, Album/Song CD Text, ISRC Encoding, Track Spacing/Fading, and Album DDP File Download or Master CD by mail. This service has an extra charge of 40€.

Are you interested in the Digital Distribution of your mastered songs?

mycd gives you the chance to distribute your music on Top Digital Stores. After mastering your songs, they will be ready for commercial release! Contract the Digital Distribution service and we will distribute your music everywhere! What are you waiting for? Start selling your music around the world!



mycd has partnered with Sage Audio to offer a Professional Online Mastering & Mixing Service. Sage Audio is a professional studio located on Music Row in Nashville, TN. The studio design, excellent mastering equipment, and experience allow us to provide outstanding audio mastering & mixing services at affordable rates.


We feel that our Professional Online Mastering & Mixing service is the best around, but experience and creativity is also essential when working as an audio engineer. Our chief engineer has been playing, engineering, producing, and mastering audio for over 16 years. His attention to detail and passion for audio fidelity is evident in every project.


All audio mastering equipment is not created equal. That's why we spent so much time choosing the correct gear for our studio. The cables, equalizers, compressors, converters, signal processors, and monitors are all professional class. The analog and digital mastering equipment has been carefully chosen to compliment the studio and provide outstanding audio fidelity, balanced acoustics, and excellent studio workflow.



mycd has partnered with Metropolis-Group to offer a Premium Online Mastering & Mixing Service. Metropolis-Group is the most successful independent recording and production facility in Europe.

Metropolis-Group has recorded & mixed some of the most classic artists albums of all time at Metropolis including Queen, The Stone Roses, The Verve, The Libertines, Lauren Hill, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, and Rihanna. However, the studio doesn’t only work with major labels, global icons and household names. mycd together with Metropolis-Group offer unrivalled service at extremely competitive prices for all musicians.


With 2 large recordings studios, 4 mixing rooms (stereo/5.1), 5 mastering rooms featuring custom consoles, SADiE DAWs, Prism Convertors, including DSD, 2 x modified Neumann VSM 80s, PMC monitoring, utilizing a broad selection of the highest quality digital and analogue equalizers, compressors, limiters and processing.

Mixing can be done on one of our four analogue mixing consoles. We can also mix to picture and offer Stereo and 5.1 mixing for PCM, SACD & DVD Audio, DVD & Blu-ray. Alongside these, we have four production & programming rooms which house a variety of world-renowned producers and mix & mastering engineers.


A team of world class, award winning mastering engineers will master your tracks. These are only some of the musicians our engineers have worked with: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Killers, Madonna, Adele, Lana del Rey, David Bowie and many more!


After you have registered on the site and completed the check-out process for the Mastering Service, just send us your tracks, notes, and any other relevant information. Upload your Audio & Notes from your Backstage, in particular from the Orders Section. Just press the button EDIT and start uploading your files and information.

Files submitted should be the highest resolution file available and generally .WAV or .AIF format. It's important to leave between -3db and -6db of headroom on the track, and also make sure there is no master bus compression, limiting applied or stereo imagers. Finished tracks are delivered as downloadable Redbook Standard 16bit or 24bit WAV files. Sequencing is available for EP's and Albums, and is a separate charge from our standard mastering rates.

It would also be very helpful to have the following information for each project depending on what type it is: Genre, Influences, Reference Songs/Artists (If there is a similar song/artist/sound that you would compare yourselves to) and other relevant information you consider important to know (Anything possible that could help the engineer achieve the sound you are looking for).


There are many online studios offering low mastering prices, however, ultimately the difference comes down to quality. Our experience combined with excellent studio design and audio equipment allows us to offer detailed mastering at some of the best mastering studio rates around. We work closely with each artist to achieve the best possible master for each project. Check out our pre-mastering audio tips to find out the best way to prepare your mixes for mastering.


There are a number of audio mastering tips that will help you prepare your mixes before working with a mastering studio. It's important to know how to prepare and submit your mixes so you can get the best sound for your songs. The mastering engineer wants to start with a clean slate, primarily on the master bus and will need to have the proper file type and format to get the most from your music.


As you go through your mix eliminate any noise or pops that may be in each track. Use fades as necessary to cut out any spots that may just be containing recorded noise. If this is done in the mix stage within each track it will keep the overall noise level down when the mastering engineer begins to equalize and compresses the mix.


Overusing processors especially dynamic processors (compressors) on the master bus can destroy a mix and make it difficult, if not impossible for the mastering engineer to make a great master. Unless there's a specific sound of a master bus processer desired for the mix, it's best to keep the master buss free of outboard processing or plugins. If master bus processing is used make sure to notify the mastering engineer of its type and settings.


The loudest part in a mix should peak at no more that -3db on the master bus. There should never be a limiter set on the master bus. Final dynamic control and level should be left to the mastering engineer. This allows the engineer to create the proper dynamic level for radio play, CD, or mp3 duplication.


-Lossless file: File that contains the exact data to be reconstructed and retains audio quality.
-Lossy file: File that contains an approximation of the data to be reconstructed and degrades audio quality.

Lossy file formats should never be used when submitting an audio file for mastering.

The two most popular file types for mastering are: .WAV and .AIFF. Both of these file types are lossless (non-compresses/converted), and either file type is excellent for a mastering engineer to work with. AIFF files are normally used on Mac systems while .WAV files are traditionally PC. Make sure your mastering studio is able to work with the format you have.

Additional to using .WAV or .AIFF file types, when submitting a mix for mastering, the file should be kept in the same resolution as it was mixed in (no down conversions). For Example: A song mixed at 24bit 96kHz should be submitted as a 24bit 96kHz file (.WAV or .AIFF)


Submitting any previously done mixes or masters of the song/s to be worked on, along with a few different reference songs that have a similar sound desired is excellent for giving the mastering engineer an idea of your musical vision. This could be a reference to bands who inspire you, or who have a similar sound you like.