Disc Manufacturing

Frequent Asked Questions

1. Can I order a Product Test?

Yes, of course. mycd gives you the option to request a Product Test before manufacturing all the requested copies. Go to the Disc Manufacturing service and select Product Test from the Add-On Options. In mycd we are concerned about client satisfaction and our aim is to meet client requirements and deliver high-quality products. For this reason, we give you the possibility of receiving a Product Test to review the quality and look of the product. We are convinced that we will meet your expectations and needs. Once produced, you will receive the Product Test at home (or where you prefer to) ready to be reviewed and approved by you. If you are satisfied with the results, then we will send you the rest of your order.

2. Is there a minimum amount required to place an order?

Yes, the minimum amount to place an order is 10 copies. However, if you request a Product Test we will manufacture a single copy for you. Remember that the more copies you order the cheaper per unit it is to manufacture your CDs.

3. Can I sell physical CDs on my Artist Website?

No, currently is not possible. But, we are working hard to offer the service in a near future. However, soon we’ll have at your disposal the Physical Distribution Service, through which your fans will able to purchase your physical CDs on top online stores like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Barnes Noble... You’ll only have to send us the audio and artwork of your albums. Give your fans the links to the different stores and we’ll do the rest for you. Service details very soon.

4. Can I sell my CDs on my Artist Website if they are already edited and produced?

No, it is not possible at this moment. But, soon mycd will have at your disposal the Physical Distribution Service, which lets you sell your physical CDs (manufacture on demand) on top online stores like Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Barnes Noble...

5. Can I choose the packaging I want for my CDs?

Yes, of course. mycd offers you the possibility to choose among a huge range of packaging options, including Jewell Case, Digipack, Slim Case, Jacket, DVD Case ... However, if you do not find what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll do our best to fulfill your needs. We are sure we can offer what you want.

6. Can we receive the CDs ordered at home? How much does it cost?

Yes, of course. We can send your CDs directly to your home/office (or to the address you specify) at affordable prices. Thanks to our instant online quote generator, you can consult the shipping & pricing information during the buying process of the Disc Manufacturing Service.

7. Do you produce high-quality CDs?

Yes, absolutely. To ensure best possible results, please upload your designs (artwork) in high-quality image resolution and audio in .wav files. In case, after delivering the manufactured CDs, you detected any manufacturing errors attributable to the factory or to mycd, your CDs would be again produced and sent back at no cost.

8. Audio quality is good?

Yes, absolutely. To ensure high-quality sound results, we recommend you to upload your songs in .wav format. However, our factory has the experience and the means to achieve a professional sound master.

9. What happens if I don't have the artwork ready to manufacture my CDs? Can you help me?

Don’t worry, we can help you. Whether you want us to review your designs to ensure they look professional or you need to create the artwork from scratch, we have a solution for you. mycd gives you different options. On one hand, we offer you the option to let our designers review your artwork for you, ensuring that the dimensions and the quality of the images are ready to be printed. On the other hand, mycd offers you the possibility to contract the Professional Design Service. In that case, our designers will create your artwork for you. You will have to send us any information / comment / image that you think they should consider and our designers will start working from that point. Once it is ready, we’ll send you different proposals to be reviewed and approved by you.

10. Can you manage the Copyright Protection of my albums?

Yes, there exist different ways to protect the copyright of your work. Normally, each country has its peculiarities. For this reason, mycd offers to Spanish musicians the possibility to protect their work through a legal deposit (3 copies) in the Spanish National Library. However, mycd also offers all the necessary information and support to protect copyright internationally through the Copyright Registration Office. This procedure we’ll help you protect your work internationally against further breaches of your copyright, proving that you were in possession of that work at the time of registration.

11. What is your turnaround time for Disc Manufacturing?

From the moment you place the order and once the required material is approved (artwork and audio), you will receive your finished copies to the address you specified in 9-15 working days.

12. What is the difference between replication & duplication?

CD duplication is the process of burning data onto individual disks, using a CD burner and software; while CD replication is a more professional way of making multiple copies of disks from a master copy. Data cannot be added or changed once this process has been completed. In general, duplication is best suited for short-run projects below 500 units or for those that require fast turnaround. Replication is more economical for long-run projects due to the set-up costs involved. It also requires longer lead time. We have a minimum replication volume of 500 units.

13. Do you provide Bar Codes (UPC)?

Yes, of course. We offer you two possibilities. You can order only a Bar Code and we’ll give you one of the UPC codes we have available, at a certain price. Please, end us an e-mail to request it. Or you can edit your CDs with us and we’ll give you a Bar Code for a most economical price. If you decide to manufacture your CDs with us, please make sure you request the Bar Code during the Disc Manufacturing process (select Bar Code from the Add-On Options).