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We offer short-run CD/DVD duplication, as well as high volume replication. Best of all, if you are looking for a package as unique as your music, you’ve come to the right place. We produce a huge variety of professional packaging options to suit every budget and style: Jewel Case, Digipack, Jacket, Slim Case, PVC Sleeve, DVD Case… Go ahead, get pricing instantly and order your discs online!

Self-Service Disc Duplication & Replication. High-quality, fast & easy, custom-made. Minimum order 10 copies. We can deliver your order directly to your home /office.

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Start Now

Use our simple and instant online quote generator. Press Start Now and we will guide you through the buying process. Just by following the simple steps below you can have your project underway in a matter of minutes.

Follow the Buying Process

Select your disc type (CD, CD vinyl, DVD or No Disc). Choose if you want to burn content on your discs or not. Then let us know the packaging option you prefer (Jewel Case, Digipack, Slim Case, Jacket, PVC Sleeve, DVD Case or simply Bulk Discs). After that, you choose the booklet that best suits your needs. Sometimes you have more to say than the standard package will allow. By adding a panel insert (2 panel folder, 4 panel folder…) or a booklet (8 page booklet, 12 page booklet, 16 page booklet…) you will be able to fully express your creative vision. Whether it’s your complete lyrics, pictures or bio, anything you like, we custom make it for you. At the same time, specify the number of copies you need and check how it affects the final price. Put your selection into the shopping cart and check-out. It is fast and easy. What are you waiting for?

Customize your Product

Besides, at the end of the buying process, before the check-out, we offer you Add-On Options, Extra Services & Promotional Material. Please, select the options you would like to add to your shopping cart (these options will allow you to ensure that you have all you need to release your disc professionally).

Check Pricing Instantly

Best of all, you can take advantage of our instant online quote generator. Along the buying process, you will be able to check how pricing varies depending on the different options you select. Customize your project and choose the options that best suit your needs and your budget.

Log-in & Pay for your project

Once you’ve finished the check-out process, you must log in before you pay and submit the project to us.

Upload Audio & Artwork

After paying for the project, you’ll have to upload the audio (.wav) & artwork of your album, and complete the requested information. If you have any problem uploading the audio and artwork files, please let us know. In that case, we recommend you to send us the content electronically to info@mycd.com by using the free services provided by www.wetransfer.com, www.yousendit.com, or www.sendspace.com. If you choose to send the content electronically, please write down your contact details and send us the files in the compatible formats we requested you.


Do you need a BAR CODE?

We have a BAR CODE for you. A Bar Code is required for all retail sales - both in stores and online. So, if you want to start selling your CDs you will need one. Select the option and mycd will give you a genuine and unique Bar Code.

Do you need to add the Copyright Registration Number to your creations?

We can add the Copyright Registration Number to your creations. You just have to send us the number and we will print it on your CD and packaging. Let people know that your work is protected and that you have given evidence to prove that the creation is yours.

Do you need to add the Copyleft Digital Code to your creations?

Creative Commons (CC) enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. CC licenses let you easily change your copyright terms from the default of “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved.” This type of licenses is called Copyleft and it is not an alternative to Copyright. They work alongside Copyright and enable you to modify your Copyright terms to best suit your needs. If you have a Copyleft license and you want to indicate it in your CDs, please send us the Copyleft Digital Codes.

Would you like to receive a product test before paying for the full order?

In mycd we are concerned about client satisfaction and our aim is to meet client requirements and deliver high-quality products. For this reason, we give you the possibility of receiving a product test to review the quality and look of the product. We are convinced that you will be satisfied and that the product will meet your expectations and needs. If so, after your approval we will send you the rest of you order to your home / office within few days.

Do you want a perfect finish for your CDs?

Make a perfect impression presenting your product ready for store shelves (retail-ready). Wrapping a finished CD is often the best and most professional way to supply a finished product.

Would you like to print the mycd seal on your CDs?

If you do not belong to a record label or just want to continue as an independent musician, we offer you the possibility to add the independent mycd seal on your CDs so as to give quality / reputation to your work. Adding the mycd seal has no legal impact.

Do you need help to DESIGN THE ARTWORK?

Don’t worry, we have all you need. We can design the Artwork for you, just tell us what you want (send us pictures, texts and any designs or ideas you have in mind) and our team we’ll surprise you. However, if what you need is a revision of your work, we can also do it for you. One of our specialists will review your design files, fix any errors we can easily resolve, and let you know if we found any problems that require your attention. Besides, we will email you a PDF proof of your final artwork for sign-off. As soon as we receive sign-off from you, we will start producing your order. NOTE: You will not receive a hard copy proof.


Jewel Case

The jewel case with 2-panel insert is our most affordable CD package. It is the number one choice of musicians not only because it is very economical but also because it has a professional look. The jewel case is the industry’s standard for a reason! The case is made of crystal clear cover and a customizable tray. Package includes full color printing, AQ coating, and shrink wrap. This two-piece jewel comes with a clear tray or a black tray. The clear tray allows printing to be visible under the disc. It holds an insert, disc, and two-sided tray card. The black tray holds an insert, disc and a standard tray card. We deliver 9-15 days after approval of files.


The Digipack is a modern, stylish alternative to the standard CD Jewel Case. This is everything you can ask for in a CD case. It is your best option if you want to emphasize your graphics because, unlike the Jewel Case, the artwork is printed directly to the cardboard packaging. It is also very eco-friendly. The only thing that's plastic is the CD tray. Package includes full-color printing, matte or glossy finish, and shrink wrap. We deliver 9-15 days after approval of files.

Slim Jewel Case

The slim CD case is a two piece case with a cover and combined holder/tray. This packaging has become a common space-saving packaging for burned CD-ROMs. The slim case is roughly half the thickness of a standard CD jewel case. They generally do not have room for a full package insert booklet, only a slip of paper for a track listing or cover art, showing only through the front of the case.


It’s a basic cardboard case that looks like a small LP sleeve that has a slit where you can slip the CD/DVD inside. Our clients love this because it’s affordable but very durable. Perfect for demo reels and promotional CDs!

DVD Cases

The DVD case is the most common type of DVD packaging. This is like the usual cases that hold your rented DVDs. It’s popular because its design is perfect for storage. And because it’s popular, it is relatively cheaper than any other type of DVD packaging.

We offer the standard and most popular options, but if you don’t see what you need, please ask for mycd special orders and let us cook it up for you! Just send us an email to info@mycd.com explaining what you want and will get back to you as soon as possible for pricing details. We will find the way to get you what you're looking for.


No need to worry about size and dimensions. mycd templates will make the job for you. Download the templates you need to complete your creative process and send us your own designs to start with your project. Please, if you want your CDs ready according to the planned delivery time, try to comply with all the technical requirements we’ve requested you during the purchase process and with the ones shown in the templates.


mycd offers you fast and affordable shipping. Tell us where you want your order and we’ll send it there. Use our instant online quote generator to check shipping costs depending on country of destination.