Welcome to this document on user-submitted data through the registration form(s) appearing on the website and associated with the treatment of personal data in compliance with the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection: Law 15/1999 of December 13th.

By means of this DATA PROTECTION POLICY, MYCD puts at your disposal and to the awareness of the users of the website, the following information about our policy for Personal Data Protection and Privacy Protection adopted by MYCD for the delivery of services through its digital platform.


All data submitted by the user shall be incorporated into a file with the aim of carrying out an automated treatment of said data, under the terms and with the aims defined under section five in this Data Protection Policy. Ownership of and responsibility for said file corresponds to the supplier.


All registered users in the website may exert at any time their respective rights of access, rectification, modification and cancellation of any information submitted by the latter through, by sending an e-mail notification to: or via certified mail to the following address: Girona St. nº 161, 17820 BANYOLES, Spain. Said notification must provide reliable proof of identity of the registered user.


Browsing through the website may entail the use of cookies by MYCD, which are stored on the user’s hard disk; data contained in the latter cannot be read, and files with cookies created by sites other tan cannot be accessed or read.

MYCD uses cookies in order to identify registered users, with the aim of offering them products and services in a more personalized way according to their profile and needs.

Cookies are used to obtain information on the date and time of users’ access to the website, as well as their geographic location; cookies are also used to obtain information on traffic parameters in order to estimate the number of visits to the website, and thus determine user preferences.

All information collected by MYCD is aimed at improving the services offered through the platform, attending to the user’s requirements.


It is mandatory for the user to fill out the fields of the registration or service hiring form(s) through the digital platform connected to the terms specified as such.

If mandatory fields are not filled out, the supplier shall not proceed to register the user, the latter being therefore unable to access the website’s restricted areas. Consequently, the user must fill out the form(s) with truthful, exact and complete information, being liable for the damages derived from submitting false or incomplete information.


Through this Data Protection Policy, the supplier informs that the filling out of the registration form(s) by the user implies the acceptance of this Data Protection Policy, by which the supplier manifests that files containing personal data ( will be transferred and used by the supplier in accordance with the provisions below:

The purpose of said data transfer shall be: firstly, to send information on products and services; that is, general information that may be of the user’s interest, which are offered and provided in a general manner. In a second case, data will be transferred to promote the communication between registered users, with the aim of establishing collaboration or business relationships with each other or to promote cultural contents or other products belonging to the user.


All files are automated and have their own security system, as demanded by current legislation on data protection, in order to prevent their loss, misuse or unauthorized access.


The personal files subject matter of this Data Protection Policy shall be in all cases protected and their use limited to the provisions set forth by the Spanish laws on Personal Data Protection: Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th; the supplier guarantees the protection of personal data, restricting their use in accordance with the terms set forth by this document.


The file is registered in the Data Protection General Registry.