Welcome to this document of mutual agreement between you and mycd. This document is very important and must be read carefully before signing up, as it contains mycd’s general terms and conditions.

The website www.mycd.com complies, in terms of operation and configuration, with the regulations set forth by Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society Services and Ecommerce, in connection with all activities and services provided by MYCD in its website through electronic means, including those under the concept of Information Society Services.

These conditions of use provide information on the use and access terms of the website: www.mycd.com laid down by MYCD MUSIC.


MYCD is the sole holder of all Exploitation Rights of the website: www.mycd.com.

All contents in this website, including but not limited to: data, text, logos, trademarks, icons, audio and audiovisual recordings, images, design and images on the website (external appearance or "look and feel"), video files, audio files, databases, computer applications, trademarks and patents are owned by MYCD or are used and/or exploited under license by third party holders of the Intellectual and/or Industrial Property Rights of the above-stated contents. The latter are protected by the current Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

Contents appearing in the website may be used for personal uses only, never for business purposes; therefore, its full or partial reproduction, transfer through any electronic, mechanic or any other means, its recording or storage into a data recovery system in any way or through any means, its alteration or decomposition, as well as its distribution and public broadcast without the prior written consent of the holder are strictly forbidden.


Access to certain areas of the website www.mycd.com requires the previous registration of the user and/or artist, who is requested to accept a set of terms and conditions of registration and access, which involves filling out a user and/or artist registration form.

These terms and conditions of access and registration establish the terms under which MYCD provides its services through the platform www.mycd.com, as well as the conditions for registration and access by the users and/or artists. They also entail the user’s awareness and acceptance of the privacy policy of MYCD.


It is forbidden to present any page of the website on a website window not belonging to the supplier of www.mycd.com, by means of the technique called framing, except with the express consent of MYCD.

The insertion of any contents in www.mycd.com into a different website by means of the "in line linking" technique is likewise forbidden, except with the express consent of MYCD.

It is allowed to include hypertext links (hyperlinks) in other websites, leading to the homepage of www.mycd.com, or, when applicable, to any other internal page ("deep link") of the website, provided that the corresponding pages appear under their respective IP addresses, assuming the full responsibility and risk of including said hyperlink to the website.


Users commit themselves to make proper use of the contents and services offered by MYCD through its website and to refrain from using them for:

  • (i) Carrying out activities which are illicit, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order;
  • (ii) Spreading contents or propaganda which are racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal, expressing approval to terrorism or threatening to human rights;
  • (iii) Causing damages in the computer systems of MYCD or its suppliers;
  • (iv) Introducing or spreading any computer viruses or any other systems capable of causing damage into MYCD’s networks.
  • (v) Carrying out activities associated with unauthorized techniques of content decomposition or decoding.

In no case shall MYCD be responsible for the information, opinions and concepts issued, published or spread, either directly or indirectly through www.mycd.com, any other website linked to the latter or through the services provided, linked or associated with the website.

MYCD offers multiple contents and services through its website, so it waives all responsibility for any claims from third parties whose contents are disseminated through www.mycd.com and whose rights have been infringed upon by entities other than MYCD.

MYCD shall redirect claimants to the infringing party by specifying the latter’s address and information, with the aim of performing any relevant claims, remedies, or clarifications, provided that said communication does not breach the regulations of Personal Data Protection.

MYCD is not responsible, either directly or subsidiarily, for any claims resulting from the quality, reliability, precision or accuracy of contents.

The user is responsible for knowing the technology they are using and the characteristics of their browser to make browsing decisions. In this respect, MYCD only utilizes technology which is well-known in the market.

As regards images stored in the website by the user and/or artists in any format, especially artists’ profiles, the user and/or artist guarantees to be the owner of all rights derived from the images contained and stored and/or be duly authorized by a third party for said inclusion and storage. Consequently, MYCD is expressly exempted from all responsibility.

In this respect, the user and/or artist guarantees their ownership and authorization for the use, reproduction, public broadcast and exploitation of audiovisual images and pictures, in a full and/or partial manner and through the uses, artistic treatments and technical means currently known and those that could appear in the future, for any application.

Furthermore, they guarantee that said ownership and authorization is extended to all countries in the world with no geographical limitations whatsoever, and that the images stored in graphic and/or audiovisual format do not infringe the right of freedom from injury to reputation and self-image under the terms set forth by Organic Law 1/82, of May 5th, on Civil Protection of Rights to Reputation, Personal and Family Privacy and Self-Image.

From all the above, MYCD is likewise exempted from any responsibilities derived from the user’s and/or artist’s use of graphic or audiovisual images in an unauthorized or unconsented manner or contrary to current laws.

In the event of receiving any claims, MYCD shall redirect claimants to the user and/or artist by specifying the latter’s address and information, with the aim of performing any relevant claims, remedies, clarification or applicable solution.

When becoming aware of the existence of a legal dispute over any contents of an artist profile, MYCD shall be entitled to block access to the latter until the conflict is solved.

Users and/or artists commit themselves to submit to MYCD, when requested by the latter, any documents and/or agreements proving their authorization for the use of contents in their profile.

Also, MYCD puts at the users’ disposal the e-mail address: info@mycd.com for any kind of notification to supplier in regards to any contents stored in the digital platform.


MYCD reserves the right to modify its programs, as well as to systematize collected data and technical features of access and transfer. Whenever said changes do not allow for compatible use with prior installed versions, MYCD shall notify so through its website.

Likewise, it reserves the right to fully or partially interrupt the service due to technical changes or breakdowns, notifying so through its website whenever possible, or through a website belonging to MYCD group, or by means of any website enabled for such purpose. MYCD is not responsible for the currently installed operating system, nor for the consequences derived from the bad functioning of the latter.

MYCD reserves the right to perform, without prior notice, any modifications considered appropriate to its website, being entitled to change, remove and/or add the contents and services provided through the latter, as well as their presentation or location inside the website.

MYCD se reserva el derecho de efectuar sin previo aviso las modificaciones que considere oportunas en su sitio web, pudiendo cambiar, suprimir y/o añadir tanto los contenidos como los servicios que se presten a través de la misma, así como la forma en la que éstos aparezcan presentados o localizados en su sitio web.


The user and/or artist may cancel their subscription to the service through the access supplied by MYCD for such purpose in the internal area corresponding to each user and/or artist.

Cancellation shall be effective within 3 calendar days, to be counted from the day following the cancellation request notification.

Once the service cancellation becomes effective, MYCD will cancel and remove any information or files the user and/or artist may have submitted or included, and these may not be recovered in the future.

In any case, the hiring of services shall not be affected by said cancellation, and the artist who has hired them shall comply with the cancellation terms laid down in each particular contract.


MYCD shall take action against non-compliance with and/or breach of the aforementioned terms, and against any forbidden or improper use of its website, bringing any civil and/or criminal actions that may correspond.


In compliance with section 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society Services and Ecommerce, MYCD puts at the user’s disposal its corporate address and information: MYCD MUSIC, S.L. domiciled at C/ GIRONA, 161, 17820 BANYOLES, with Tax ID Number B-55063507.