fan management

We make it simple for you to grow your fan base

Let fans join your mailing list & keep them updated via e-mails, newsletters, announcements and more! Promote new music, increase concert attendance and become closer to your fans!

social sync

Share your music on social networks

Automatically sync your actions to your networks and share your music with friends & fans on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more...

customizable appearance

Change the look of your Artist Website whenever you want!

Easily customize your Artist Website by uploading the best pictures of your band, and choosing the fonts & colors to be displayed on each section of your site.

No special skills required.
Easy & Fast. Cool & Professional.

backstage app

Manage your site from your Smartphone. Updates in minutes!

Adding & Editing content is a snap. Do it yourself from home or on the road. mycd makes your Artist Website mobile friendly.

Access your website anytime, anywhere and update all your content from your Backstage App.

real time analytics

Measure the impact of your music activity

View real time stats and find out who’s listening to your music, where your music is being shared, which tracks are most and least popular… and what’s more, you can control all your sales. All from one point.

pay with a tweet

Sell music for the value of social network

Every time a fan pays with a tweet on Twitter or with a post on Facebook, they tell all their friends about your band and your music.

In today’s world, the value of people talking about your product is sometimes higher than the money you would get for it.

Coming Soon

music community

Discover your next favorite artist in mycd charts

mycd brings together the best emergent musicians of the moment. Discover songs by artist, genre, location, mood… and enjoy the experience!

album pre-order

Give tracks to your fans before your album release

Choose which tracks you want to give to your fans when they pre-order the digital album. We’ll email fans a link to download the full album when you
release it.

fan shop

Create & Sell your products online

Open a Shop on your Artist Website and start selling your CDs & Merchandising (t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs…) directly to consumers. Engage your audience and gain new fans!