Frequent Asked Questions

1. Is it free?

Yes! Sign up and create your Artist Website. Upload your music, publish your albums and start selling them to your fans, it's completely free.

2. Can I set the price for my music?

Yes, you decide the price of your music. You can sell individual songs or the entire album; the 90% of the price you fix goes to you. You can also choose to allow free downloads if you prefer. In that case, we recommend you using the new technology for bands “Pay with a tweet”. The “Pay with a Tweet” tool is the first social payment system, where people pay through the value of their social network. It’s simple, every time somebody pays with a tweet; he or she tells all their friends about you and your music. Your fans can decide if they want to pay with a tweet on Twitter or with a post on their Facebook wall. In today’s world, the value of people talking about your product is sometimes higher than the money you would get for it.

3. Can I publish my songs if they were previously edited by a label?

Yes, but also we recommend you to inform the label.

4. Can I publish my songs without having signed any contract with any label?

Of course! mycd doesn’t put any exclusivity restrictions or requirements, so you can sell your music from mycd and sign for any record label at the same time.

5. What about the rights of my work?

Any artist in mycd fully maintains the rights of his/her work as long as the work was not previously linked to others.

6. Can I sell covers of songs that are already published by another artist?

That is known as cover versions. Probably these songs are subject to copyright and tied to a publisher. We recommend you to contact the author or publisher to know what requirements you need to be duly authorized for the interpretation and publication of a third party work in mycd.

7. In what format do I have to upload my songs?

Upload your songs in .mp3 format, the fastest format to download, universal and affordable. In case you want to make your CDs, distribute your music to iTunes, Amazon or Spotify, or do the mastering to some of your songs, we'll ask you upload your tracks in .wav format.

8. What payment methods can I use?

Payment can be made by credit card securely or via Paypal; the fastest, safe and easy method to pay online.

9. When do I get my sales revenues?

mycd posts your sales information and money in your user account, the “Backstage”, specifically in the “Band Earnings” section. You can always check the status and the level of your incomes, and every time you reach 50 €, we’ll transfer the money to your bank account when you ask us.

10. How do I promote my music?

Currently, social networks have become a very effective promotional tool. Promote your Artist Website on your Facebook, Twitter and others, so that your fans have easier access to your music. Besides, you can also enjoy a Facebook Bandpage for your band, designed specifically for you. In mycd we help you to engage new fans, but your effort is also needed to obtain more revenues and diffusion.